New York dental implant cost

by John

What is a reasonable new york dental implant cost?
I live in NYC and was told that the prices here are much more expensive than other places in the the states!
Although I see every day internet ads of implants in Manhattan for very cheap - whats the truth?


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Use that as a guide
by: Donald Stuart

Stay away from those ads. A really good price would be $2500 for the implant and crown with no complications. Use that as a guide.

Get Dental Implants in Costa Rica
by: Etta

I needed 4 implants to replace missing teeth. Most dentists in New York try to hide the price of an implant. There are 3 parts - implant + abutment + crown. You might see an ad for an implant for cheap but they get you with the other stuff.

Most of the places I check were $3500 - $4000 for a single complete implant/crown. Several places would not give me a quote over the phone.

I ended up going to Costa Rica. I used Even with air and hotel I saved lots. Work was great. I am happy.

Got my implants in Russia
by: Anonymous

I had a "bad day at my dentist" a few months ago... my dentist told me that the price to fix my mouth is $29000 (6 implants + sinus lift). I ended up going to Russia, paying for US implants about $600 per piece including surgery and sinus lift. Plus $900 air tickets. I cannot complain about quality of work, the surgery was done by a professional surgeon (not a general practitioner).

Dental Implant Cost
by: David Long CDT

You really need to look at best prices and materials. I have over 25 years experience in dental implants. implant abutment and crown as low as $995

Useful info price Implants and crown
by: Elena

I was surprised with Us price for dentist work.
I am a russian person. But I have experience of italian dentist too. You must to go in the BEST russian dental clinic, for example in St.Petersburg it will be Medi dental clinic or Veronica dental clinic, price for implant +crown will be 1000 $ only! It's maximum price.
Air tickets approx. 500$. Hotel 50$/night. And in the same time you could see the most beautiful city of Russia!
I have done my implant in Medi clinic in 2000 and I feel with it perfect, already 12 years!
In St.Petersburg you can find perect surgeon specialists!
Situation with dentists in St.Petersburg and Moscow better then in Sud of Italy (Napoli, Palermo) for technical reasons.
Italian price for this work some higher implant+crown 1100 euro, it's min price, and max price 1500 euro

Best regards!

Looking for best pricing implants
by: EM

For 3 teeths already removed, looking for total procedures cost and length

Travel and treatment in Turkey NEW
by: Chris

I traveled to Turkey last summer and visited I got a really fast and high quality treatment. If you are a tourist in Istanbul I strongly recommend you visit there for any kind of dental treatment. They use the most modern technology we rarely use in US. Even the dental chair is tailored made. also very cost saving (due to exchange rates ;)

dental implants NEW
by: Anonymous

Manhattan dental implants offers the newst technologies in implant and esthetic restaurations like induction casting and laser welding

cost NEW
by: micheal

Single tooth implant cost from $1000 to $4250 and the multi implant cost from $3500 to $25000. The dental implants charges varying according to the additional modification you are applying. But it is easy to find a good dentist in the New York.Web Based EMR

NYC too much NEW
by: Anonymous

One poster remarked that an implant is really a 3 priced purchase but in most cases it's a 4 part or more.

1st is extraction. Unless you already had a tooth removed the tooth needs to be extracted. A general dentist can do this for about $150 while a oral surgeon might be anywhere from $300-$1000. This is one of the most important parts that people forget about

2nd is the implant. Usually when you see an ad for an implant for $400 it's only covering the cost of an implant. Any reputable dentist will package the cost of an implant and abutment together. Implant and abutment can range from $1000 to literally thousands of dollars depending on which type of dentist you use, what procedures and equipment the doctor uses, and which brand of hardware they use. I have been quoted $2300-$3000 for a Straumann implant and abutment in Westchester County, while less known brands I have been quoted $1500-$2300 but crown is included.

3rd is crown. Crown can range from $600 to $1500+. This is one of costs that people forget about the most. Always ask what everything will cost together. Also crown material will adjust price greatly

Other things to think about are costs of sinus lift if needed, cost of bone grafting if needed, and gum surgery if needed.

On the low end without any additional surgery besides extraction and implantation and with abutment and crown included you would be looking at $1650. On the high end with additional surgeries you can range from $5000 to $1000.

implants NEW
by: rocky

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All costs in Singapore NEW
by: Anonymous

My costs:

Visit 1: dentist consultation, full set of X-rays US$300
Oral surgeon fee with molar extraction US$550

Visit 2: oral surgeon fee, more X-rays, placement of the titanium implant (from Switzerland) US$1100

Visit 3: back to original dentist. Dentist fee, abutment with crown US$1700

Total for all doctor visits, X-rays and implant under US$4000

All done in a state-of-the art HOSPITAL. Not a clinic

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