No space for my wisdom teeth

by Dannis Psarris
(Athens Greece)

My dentist told me that I don't have much space (room) for my wisdom teeth to come out, so when they will come out, the shape of my teeth will worsen! I love my teeth, if it's true how can I maintain the shape of my teeth? Can I like prevent my wisdom teeth from coming out or something else?

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Wisdom Teeth
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Dannis,

It is true, if there is no room for your wisdom teeth to come in, then they will push against the adjacent teeth. This causes overall crowding as the teeth shift toward the midline of the mouth. The area where you will see it most likely is in the lower front teeth, as they can become overlapped due to the pressure of wisdom teeth.

Unfortunately other than having the wisdom teeth extracted there is no way to prevent them from pushing into the other teeth. The anatomy of everyone's mouth is different and sometimes we'll get a smaller jawbone from one parent and larger teeth from the other...and then the 2 don't mix well.

If you allow the wisdom teeth to come in (which they most likely won't, or will only erupt partially) then you would need to go through braces in order to return the teeth to their last position.

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