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For about 10 years I have had a false tooth connected to my other surrounding teeth with a bridge. All was good until lately the bridge started hurting me. When I went to my dentist – he said that one of the surrounding teeth is cracked, infected and needs to be pulled out - this would mean I have to have a bridge or to have implants put in! My dentist suggested to have implants put in and said he would use a new technique called Nobel guide technique. Is it a safe and good technique? Does it cost more than regular implants?
Thanks Gila

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Nobel Guide
by: Anonymous

Hi gila
Your dentists sugestion to have implants instead of a bridge is a good idea!

Nobel Guide is a software program for a complete treatment concept for prosthetic-driven planning and guided dental implant surgery for all types of patient cases. This state of the art highly advanced technology helps in the rebuilding of a single missing tooth to a fully edentulous(no teeth at all) jaw.

This program is used in cases where the clinician wants a surgical template, based on a model or computer-based planning to help guide the Dr. during implant surgery. Nobel Guide helps to place the dental implant in the best prosthetic position in relation to the availability and amount of bone a patient has.

Dental professionals benefit from digital integration of a conventional diagnostic tooth setup and full 3D view of the patients X-Ray anatomy as a basis for evaluating and defining implant positioning. Not only do the Doctors benefit from this program but it aids in the patients ability to heal faster and resume a lifestyle faster with more accurate flapless techniques(minimal cutting of the gums).

Bottom line - Nobel Guide is one of the newest advancements in implant dentistry today. It provides the option of safe and precise predictability for minimally invasive surgery and supports immediate function and prefabrication of prosethics for each case.

The whole procedure shouldn't cost more than regular dental implant surgery.

All the best
S4 Guy

Reply NEW
by: Vivia

Of course Nobel guide technique is very useful to get a solution for your problem with your teeth. But I have a suggestion to say that you should make sure that your dentist is able do this technique successfully without any harm to the other teeth. Windows 10 download

Get it out!! NEW
by: Larry Jake

I think you should have got rid of it long ago, because, this will only make it worse. If you had done this long ago, then senior living portland oregon you would have not had this much pain. I also had a same kind of problem and I got rid of it just so early that I am happy that I did it.

Nobel Guide Technique NEW
by: Misty Mouhis

Nobel Guide technology facilitates 3-D inspection and preparation for implant management. The expertise gives us a term paper writers wanted extremely exhaustive representation of the provision of the mouth and makes it potential to organize dental implants with superior exactitude.

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