Nose block and mild head ache

by raymond

I had 14 implants with bone grafting 8 days ago in upper and lower jaw, post surgery injections were given and prescription for 3 days.

I had no obvious bleeding or pain in the mouth, on the day after surgery whilst sleeping I had a clear orangy colour drop of blood (not fresh/thick/red blood) just from my left nostril only with an amount of a drop for every 15 minutes lasted for 2 hours stopped after I have been advised to sleep head raised and not to sneeze or blow.

Next morning - no bleeding but had a very mild burning sensation in nose area flu/cold alike.
next day everything was find and I flew back home,
the following day I had very mild pressure in head areas( initially I presumed due to long haul journey) eventually I also had feeling of very mild pressure in ear - off & on and having cold or block like feeling in nose area. and also feeling knismesis* in lower jaw area.

Are these symptoms normal?
will it go away? or else leading to worse situations?

Till now I have no pain or bleeding and all the implants intact secured in place. for safe side I am trying very possible not to sneeze but in the past few days I have sneezed due to dust allergic few times an coughed occasionally.

so far all the implants intact secured in place.

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Nose Bleeding
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Raymond,

This does not sound normal. It could be possible that during the procedure your sinuses may have been perforated and you may have an infection. I would recommend seeing your MD immediately and telling them what has happened, to make sure you do not have an active infection in your sinuses and associated areas of the head.

Continue keeping your head elevated and try not to blow your nose. A saline spray may help some until you get into the doctor.

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