Off-Center Implant

by David

Hole and implant

Hole and implant

Hole and implant Scan


The root of my upper right second premolar broke and the tooth had to be extracted. The clot didn't fill the entire socket (no pain, no alveolitis). The implant was put in over 10 months later.

1) The implant isn't centered (see picture). Is it ok ?

2) Since there was a big hole, part of the space must now just be filled with the gum. Does it mean the bone on both sides is going to resorb very quickly and I will have problems?

3) Why is there a groove (see picture) from the healing screw to the first premolar? It wasn't there before the implant was put in.

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looks familiar
by: KMM

I have a dental implant with the same off-center result. Prior to the implant I asked the surgeon, "What tool you use to guide the drilling of the pilot hole, so that it is aligned correctly?" His response: "I do this all the time."
Now it appears that the abutment is so off-center, that I could have saved money and had my dentist put in a bridge. NEW
by: Robert Nelson

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