One of my implants is crooked

I just got two implants yesterday (teeth # 7 and 10). I got immediate temporary load and they look bad. They are shorter than my other teeth since they can't touch my bottom teeth and they are crooked. My gum line looks bad on them too. They just look super fake because of the placement.

Is there any other option? I am also worried that one of my implants is crooked. If feels like it points out farther than my other teeth. One implant feels straight but one of them feels like it is angled outward. When I get my permanent crown will it stick out too?

I'm so worried...

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by: Sharon B., RDH


It is completely normal and acceptable for a temporary crown to not look aesthetically pleasing or comfortable. They are, indeed, "temporary." I have seen far too many times where patients were satisfied with a temporary crown and never came back to receive the permanent one. This can cause lots of problems, so in theory, dentists aren't going to use exceptionally beautiful temporary crowns, because that is what the permanent crown is for. These are to just get you by until the lab is done fabricating your custom crown.

As far as the position of the crowns, it probably has to do with the way they are cemented onto the implant. Bring this to the attention of your implant specialist when you go in for the permanent placement. If you feel that there is swelling causing the implant to jet out, then call your dentist immediately.

Worry on the implant crown on #7 and #10 NEW
by: Elaine

i have done my implants forn #7 and #10 in 2008, recently the bridge crown falls off twice, i would like to know why?

crooked implant crooked abutment NEW
by: Anonymous

When the implant is crooked the abutment will also be crooked . If the implant was centered in your gum you have a chance of having a straight tooth. If your implant is real crooked you will need a custom abutment to straighten it out. On my implant the abutment is at the inside edge of my gum line and the implant has to be removed because the tooth takes away space from my tongue ..It is now my opinion implants should only be done by oral surgeons. Good Luck

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