The oral surgeon

The oral surgeon (A.k.a a dental surgeon) is one of the options you have when considering what dental implant dentist to select when going for your dental implant surgery.

The name itself tells you what his specialization is. The dental surgeon is a dentist who performs extractions as well as diagnosing and treating defects, injuries, and diseases of the mouth, teeth, gums, jaws, and neck. Very often they are called oral and maxillofacial surgeons, because the neck and jaw are anatomically separated from the mouth.

Dentist Typically the oral(oral and maxillofacial) surgeon studies for 12 - 14 years after completing high school:
4 years undergraduate study (BA, BSc).
4 years dental study (which includes implantology).
4 - 6 years internship and residency (which includes maxillofacial surgery).
Some practitioners even go on to get a medical degree - MD.

All dental surgeons are qualified to install dental implants and perform jaw realignment procedures. They perform mostly the dental implant surgery which is the first step of the dental implant procedure, and are often consulted and called in when the specific implantation is more complicated. Some dental surgeons choose to perform the second step as well – the dental implant restoration.

If you have had prior jaw problems it might be advisable to consult a dental surgeon before making a decision regarding your dental implant surgery.

Choosing to get your dental implants with an o-surgeon would be a great choice! Especially if your dental case is a bit more complicated.

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