Overdenture with Versacryl

by debbie

I have 8 mini implants in upper jaw. One of the posts broke off. My denist said I did it by grinding my teeth but I don't think I grind my teeth. My Dentist cut the top off one of the posts as it poked through my denture.

I now have 2 good implants on the left side of my upper jaw and 4 on the right side. Is it a good thing to be so off balance?

My dentist now wants to remake my upper overdenture with Versacryl lining instead of using housings with O-rings for the ball of the implant to lock into. Is this a good ideal or am I just wasting my money? He said the post will make holes in the Versacryl to hold the denture in place...

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Overdenture NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Debbie,

Since you are having your denture remade I am assuming that the present one does not fit or set appropriately due to the loss of the 2 implants. Even having 2 on one side should be enough to help the denture stay in place.

One of the benefits of the Versacryl overdenture is so that it can be adjusted even at home for a more appropriate fit. Your dentist may feel like this helps it stay in place better for your normal use (eating, talking, etc). He most likely suspects that the present denture will not stay in place appropriately if it has the bearings for 2 implants that are not there. It is very common to reline dentures, so using this other method may help you achieve the fit that he wants you to ideally have.

Used Versacryl. NEW
by: Debbie

Ok so now its been 18 months im in a mess again the Versacryl had totally disapieared and now my overdentue sits right on my implants the ends of the implants are in the plastic holes no versacryal left at all it has worn away.And now the ball ends of my implants are ground away to almost a point and my denist has told me that I had to had let a denent ground on them as they would not do this with out a tool being used. Have you known of this to happen before.

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