Pain around dental implant

Pain continues around dental implant:

5 months ago I had an implant. The oral surgeon didn't do a flap but put the post into the bone above tooth 8. The implant broke and caused a fistula in my gum . The oral surgeon did a flap and found out that the implant had gone through my gum and splintered the bone which caused a leak through my gums. He cleaned up everything and cut the implant so that it is not as long.

I went to get the permanent imbutment and when the dentist tightened the screw it really hurt and it's slightly loose. They want me to wait 2 more months but I'm concerned because I have numb gum tissue over crown and the purple color from the previous fistula is so ugly. Am I just being put off and what's going on here?

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Healing NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

I would follow your dentists strict directions on home care at this moment. It sounds like you have some type of infection or trauma that needs time to heal from the surgical procedure of dental implants. If the implant perforated the gums and this area was open, then bacteria would have entered the area and it needs time to heal. Rinse with warm salt water daily, brush gently toward the gumlines and use a water pik to help remove any plaque biofilm. You should notice a tremendous difference within 2 weeks. If not, then I would get a 2nd opinion.

Do it fast NEW
by: Bob

Well, it is best to get it diagnosed and checked out at the soonest as it can go more horrible and after all it is your teeth and it is important to keep them healthy or you would be the one who will have to suffer afterwards. beverly diamonds reviews

Sadia NEW
by: Anonymous

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Aen Uddin NEW
by: Anonymous

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dentistry NEW
by: gabe

Your situation is definitely not good, but if your dentist has recommended you to wait two more months, you should do as he says. If things don't improve, you should stop by one of these dental labs in Houston TX for a consultation, before your gums health gets worse.

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