Pain When Abutment And Crown Placed

by kitten
(new york)

Pain When Abutment And Crown Placed:

I had molar #3 pulled on 2-2009 and bone graft done. In may or June 09 I had the base of the implant put in and the healing abutment. I was all cleared in Oct 09 to have the perm abutment and crown done, so I had it done in Jan 2010.

When these were put in my mouth, I found that I can not bite or chew down on anything that gives friction to the tooth because I have pain in the implant area. So the crown was taken out, and the area had no pain.

The crown was put back in for another trial and there is still pain when chewing. I can't find anything on Google about this problem. maybe someone will read this who has any info. email

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Wait Before Loading Implant.
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Please ask your dentist to wait before loading implant: sometimes there is something called - fibrous osseointegration,it looks as if everything is fine but actually the implant has not osseointegrated ,it is tough to decide.

Secondly - if this is not the case, ask your dentist to get a good lab to make crowns:
sometimes high points on the crown can cause this problem.

All the best
Dr. F.D

good NEW
by: Trevor

You need not worry about such things at all. These can always be easy fixed with the aid of a good and experienced dentist and need no worry in the head. Just don’t waste time and consult someone soon.

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Pain When Abutment And Crown Placed NEW
by: Anonymous

I am happy to hear that after your crown removal you have faced the best experience and it's quite acceptable to chew or bite. It was very much exciting to read articles about implants from best uk essays. Where it's a good experience and also let us know the facts about each implant.

by: Helen

Maybe you should try for another dentist. Sometimes a second opinion helps a lot and if it doesn't, well it couldn't hurt. This procedure should not be painful.

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by: Anonymous

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