What Is a Periodontist ?

The name periodontist, a person practicing periodontics, comes from the Latin name - "peri": which means - around/surrounding and the ending "odons": which means – tooth. Put those 2 together and the title describes a specialist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mater around the tooth.

In human anatomy it would be the gums, gingiva and bone surrounding the tooth. The most common disease that 'perios' treat is periodontitis (gingivitis) – infection of the gums, gingiva and bone surounding the tooth. The 'perio' becomes a specialist in periodontics after completing 4 years of dental school and an additional 3 years of schooling in periodontology.

dentist This specialization in the jaw bone, the gums and the surrounding tissue of the tooth has made it a natural entry point to the world of implantology. It has also led this dental implant dentist to deal with dental implants and be among one of the largest groups of specialists that perform dental implant surgery and place dental implants.

Most periodondists perform only the dental implant surgery which is the first step of the dental implant procedure, but many of them choose to do both steps and deal with the dental implant restoration as well.

Considering the great knowledge and long schooling of the 'perio', choosing to get your dental implants with one would be a great choice!

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