Please help me anyone.

by Shirley
(West Palm Beach, Fl.)

My dentist wants to do 1 implant post with 2 crowns on front teeth # 7 and 8. Teeth # 9 and 10 will just get new crowns. Will that work ? What problems will I encounter ? Has anyone heard of this being done? Has anyone out there had this done? I'm nervous about doing it. Please help with any information you can or even send me a web site.

Thanking you in advance for any help you can give me. Thanks,

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intra oral picture

Shirley, please post here an intra oral picture. Yes you can place one implant and two crowns but it is little risky in the long run. Ask your dentist to place two implants and two crowns. Try to post your pics and I will try to tell you more precise information

I agree with Dr. Durrani
by: JC

I agree with Dr. Durrani - It is EXTREMELY RISKY to place two crowns on one implant, as the lateral "rocking" forces will most likely cause the screws to break or the porcelain to crack. It would be much safer and last much longer if you have two implants placed - one for each missing tooth. The other option (which is NOT a highly recommended option) would be to forego the implants and place a "bridge" from #9 to #6, with pontics (fake teeth) in the appropriate place for #7 & #8.

by: Anonymous

I had this done 20 years ago. At the time they could not place the implants exactly since it was new technology. Had 2 implants and a permanent bridge of 4 front teeth. Had to have gum grafts too. While it looked okay I would had preferred 4 individual teeth. Now my implants have failed and are loose (due to the adhesive use back then). They will be taken out, bone graft the entire front tooth area, then place 4 new implants. I can't wait to have "real teeth" and a natural smile.

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by: Anonymous

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