Potential problems down the road

I need to have tooth #18 extracted. If I choose not to have an implant, what are the potential problems down the road? Will my other teeth move if I don't get an implant?

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Replacement is important

Replacement is important as tooth moves in edentulous region and long run dentition gets disturbed. Implant prevents further bone loss ,you can go for fixed bridge or removable partial denture.

Potential problems down the road - YOU BET
by: Anonymous

I had to have tooth #4 extracted due to a cracked tooth and failed root canal. Even though my dentist emphasized the need to replace the tooth, I just kept putting it off. What a mistake! Teeth #5 and #3 became unstable after a couple of years. I am now going to lose #5 and and my dentist hopes he can save #3 then do implants to replace #4 and #5. I would certainly have saved "lots" of money and more importantly pain and trouble to have taken care of #4 to begin with. Just my story in hopes it can save someone else what I have been through. By the way I still have all my other teeth, which are in excellent shape and the teeth adjacent to the one I lost were in very good shape before I neglected replacing the one I lost. #5 only had a small filling - now it has tilted and my dentist is pretty certain it has died. Again, replace that missing tooth ASAP - and I think implants are the way to go as it preserves the bone. Just my experience and opinion.

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