What is a prosthodontist ?

The prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in restoring natural teeth and replacing missing teeth.

The field is often called implant and cosmetic dentistry. In order to do this, they work with crowns and bridges, full and partial dentures and particularly with dental implants. They do both complicated and simple procedures and are very often called on to re-implant teeth that have been knocked out.

The requirements for qualification as a prostho' are:
- 4 years of undergraduate study
- 3 years of post-graduate study in dental school
- Board certification which means taking (and passing) a written exam and a practical exam which determines their knowledge and skill and evaluates their ability to provide the required patient care.

The prostho' specializes in one specific field of dentistry. The work that he does concentrates only on restoring the natural look to the mouth.
In this field of prosthodontics there is a lot of cooperative work with experts from other medical disciplines, which gives them understanding and alternative solutions to tooth replacement treatments.

Although the prostho's specialize in the restoration part of the dental implant procedure, some of them also choose to perform the dental implant surgery and the placing of the implants, while referring the more difficult cases to an oral surgeon.

The prostho' is often referred to by other dentists who face a restoration case that is more complicated than they feel comfortable treating.

Considering the great knowledge and long schooling of the prostho', choosing to get your dental implants with one would be a great choice!

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