Protruding Canine

I'm 19 and I have a protruding Canine on the top left of my mouth and I'm not for sure what the best way is to fix it; I would also like to add that the Lateral Incisor next to it is quite a bit smaller than the one on the right side of my mouth. (I'm assuming because it didn't have enough room to grow).

My question, I guess, is would it be best just to get braces to pull down the protruding Canine and either hope that Lateral Incisor grows to the same size as the one on right side, or somehow make it bigger? Or get the Canine and the Lateral Incisor pulled and get implants? (however, both teeth are in good condition) Any other suggestions? And cost comparisons?

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go for orthodontic alignment

by: Dr. Lee

I would recommend getting an orthodontic consultation. There is the possibility that the case could be rememdied with an orthodontic procedure before resorting to extraction and implantation.

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by: Kapz

I am not sure that it can be solved by using braces. In some special cases it is better to remove the canine. So to conclude you have to consult a good dentist and take a decision to avoid the protruding canine. making cheese curds

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by: Anonymous

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