Ready for an implant

by Ilona
(Houston, Tx)

I am ready for an implant (upper jaw, back of the mouth)but went for a second opinion. The dentist said that I would be better off with a bridge on the basis of: one abutting tooth needs a crown, the second abutting tooth has exposed root and will also need a crown.

He would do a bridge with 3 crowns, rather than have an implant and then two crowns.
I am confused what to do now. The cost of one against the other is not main consideration.

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Implant vs bridge
by: Dr. Long

Whenever an implant can be done, it is the ideal treatment. A bridge may be an acceptable plan in a case where additional surgical procedures such as a sinus augmentation is more than the patient wants to do. By doing the implant and 2 crowns, You keep single teeth and in the case one of the remaining teeth were to fail, you would only lose that tooth. If bridged, the entire bride may be compromised.

Mum's got it NEW

My Mum's got such a thing. She's been to the doctor and she recommended that she should agree to the implant. She did so and now she's very satisfied with it. I guess it doesn't cause pain, does it?

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