Recession and Swelling of Gum Around Implant

Recession and Swelling of Gum Around Implant:

I had a bone graft and dental implant done on my front right tooth in 2010. I did not start smoking until several months after the healing process was complete. I began smoking cigars heavily and immediately quit smoking when I noticed the gum recession occurring throughout my mouth.

The recession was occurring in the length of the gum as well as the thickness of the gum covering the roots of the teeth. In the past two weeks I have quit smoking and noticed my gums starting to heal up, however, it does not seem like the gums are healing up on the front and back side of the dental implant tooth(possibly more recession is still occurring?). There is also swelling on top of the gum where the metal post is located underneath the gum.The gum is currently receded to where the whole part of the "tooth" is exposed but not to where the metal post is visible.

What should I be concerned about? What can I do to help it heal up? I have been cleaning my teeth religiously since I noticed the recession (2 weeks) brushing 3x a day, using mouthwash and floss.

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Recession and Swelling Around Implant
by: Sharon B., RDH

It is not normal for gum recession to reverse itself. I suspect that you have had gingivitis with exceptional swelling that went away, showing more of the tooth structure, and then returned. Also, brushing very vigorously can cause gum recession to increase. Always use a soft bristled brush gently along the gumlines, never scrubbing back and forth.

Of course you already know that smoking is not helping the situation. Let me let you ponder this. If you were to have a surgical procedure done on your leg that was healing, and you began blowing smoke into it several times a day, what do you think that area would do? It is possible that it could even reject it. I would see an implant specialist about possibly having a gum graft to save any teeth where the recession is too severe.

I also suggest using a water flosser to clean around the areas where there is swelling. These are clinically shown to clean deeper and more efficient than floss and I'm now recommending them to all of my patients.

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by: Hendrick

I don’t think that it is a serious issue with your gum. It will become alright after two or three days. It was better that you have stopped smoking and otherwise it may adversely affect your gum. So take care my friend! Makowsky purses

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