Recurring infection

by Suzanne Herriotts
(West Mids England)

Hi I had two dental implants and then got a tooth infection at one of the implant sites. Three courses of antibiotics later and the infection was still there so my dentist removed the implant.

The infection cleared, dentist left it for three months, then reinserted the implant. Again I have another tooth infection in the same place and am now on my second course of antibiotics.
Please advise.

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Recurrent infection
by: Sharon B., RDH

This sounds very curious. Perhaps a tooth near the implant has an undetected abcess that needs to have a root canal performed? This could cause the area around the implant to appear infected. If there are any symptoms at all on teeth adjacent to the implant it needs to be evaluated very carefully.

You mention that the other implants have not become infected, so we can rule out an allergic reaction to the implant.

If it is an upper implant there is a possibility that it may have been inserted through to your sinus cavity, thus causing the infection. Make sure you are following home care instructions carefully. Rinsing with warm salt water and avoiding cigarettes or straws are a must.

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