Removable Dental Implants

by Dagmar
(Perth, Australia)

I just got Removable Dental Implants for my upper jaw and I am absolutely thrilled! They are removable and apparently much more hygienic and easier to look after than the permanent implants.

I am supposed to take them out and clean them when I clean my teeth (lower jaw teeth still in tact); but I have real problems removing the implants (they are 'clicking' out of the titanium slide); I've ruined all of my fingernails and was wondering, is there anything / device available that would help to get an even grip on the implants and pull them out?

I'm paranoid about bending or breaking them. Please let me know if you have experience with this.

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removable implants
by: Anonymous

yah,i've got mine and its broken due to hard bite.

Removable implants NEW
by: Anonymous

I have all removable implants and I remove them every night and clean them and also soak them all night,is there any way that I have to go back to the dentist for a cleaning?I feel that there really isn't anything in my mouth anymore that needs to be cleaned,what do you think?

Permanent removable dentures NEW
by: Anonymous

where can I get the plastic anchors that hold the past in on my removable permanent dentures?

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