Removal of dental implants

Removal of dental implants:

I have had an upper denture for 38 years. I have just had a lower denture for 6 months. I wanted mini implants for both upper and lower. Two weeks ago four implants were placed on the lower. Those seem fine. Two days ago three implants were placed for my upper denture. I am assuming I did not have enough bone for the implants to go on my upper ridge as the dentist placed all three of them more toward the roof of my mouth.

As I was numb I did not realize where the placement was till the next morning. I do not like where they were placed. They seem to hurt more and it will defeat the main purpose of having the roof of the upper denture removed eventually. When my denture is out they scrape my tongue. It is very painful and I have decided I want them out.

Will the dentist be able to take them out? Also will they break off when they try to remove them? I am assuming I should get them out as soon as possible so they don't have a chance to knit into the bone. Will the dentist be upset with me deciding to get them out? Is it a hard procedure?

Any information is appreciated.

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Removing Dental Implants
by: Sharon B., RDH

I'm sorry to hear about how the dental implant placement is causing you some discomfort. I would ask the dentist why he decided to place them at this angle, but yes, it is probably due to the amount of bone that you had available.

If your dental implants were placed fairly recently, then they will be easier to remove. Removal is determined by how your bone has already osseointegrated into the implant shaft and the amount of attachment present. This can take several months to receive full osseointegration. If they were placed recently then it should not be difficult to move them. Also discuss using a different style of abutment and if that can make them more comfortable for you to wear or not.

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