Root canal problems

by brazilianbeuty

I have root canal problems -

A month ago I went to dentist for a filling with no pain at the time. The dentist put fillings in 3 of my teeth. After the filling I was left with this horrible pain, they said I needed a root canal. They opened one of my teeth and said it was infected, removed all the nerves. The pain continued and they opened the other tooth, a molar. While taking the nerves out the dentist broke a wire inside of my tooth and let me go without leting me know.

I went back to a diferent doctor to finish the rooth canal, he told me I should now be out of pain and the tooth had no infection, but the wire could not be removed as it was too far inside the canal. He finished the 2 rooth canals. The pain doesn't stop, I cannot touch the tooth or chew on the right side of my mouth, this is causing me horrible headaches. What shoul I do?

If the tooth is removed will the wire be also removed and the pain go away? Please help! I've been out of work for a month now as the pain is so severe and no medicatio is helping.

Thanks a lot!

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Root Canal Problems
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi brazilianbeuty,

If the tooth is removed, the yes, the wire inside of the root canal of the tooth (inside of the root) would come out with it. You would want to replace the tooth with a dental implant.

If the wire is inside of the root canal, but the nerve is fully removed, then theoretically the tooth should not be hurting you. What could be hurting is the tissues around the tooth. They may be "bruised" after having an invasive procedure performed on the tooth. If it were me, I would give at least a few more weeks before I opted to have a tooth extracted and only if I was in severe pain. This will give time for the gum tissue to heal itself it is in fact just strained.

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