Root fell off from my jaw bone

by Emmanuelle

I had a dental implant surgery about a month ago. I only did the 1st step, which only drilled the implant into my jaw, and the doctor advised me that wait until 3~6 months later to implant the tooth. However, not waiting for even 1 month, the implant already fell off from my jaw bone!!!!

Now my jaw bridge has a hole and I am not able to put the implant back. It will not stay.

I would like to know what I should do right now?

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Throw that implant away

Throw that implant away, it's useless. Go back to your dentist ,he will put a temporary prosthesis and call you back after three months for a new implant
Implants can fail - in fact any treatment can fail!
Get back to your doctor for remedy

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by: Anonymous

Your dentist should of filled the bone with bone

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