screw fell out for implant cover..and I am on vaction..

by Michelle Pad
(Tahoma, California)

I had the screw put in for the implant about 4 months ago. About two weeks ago I went in for the second phase where they take a mold and put a screw/cover In to hold the hole open to put the implant in.

I am supposed to get the final stage done on the 10th of August (where they put the final crown on ) but last night the screw just fell out of my mouth and it didn't hurt but there is a hole that looks like It leads straight to he bone or something.. I saved the screw and put it back in but it is really loose and I am afraid of loosing it.

Right now I am on my highschool senior trip so there is drinking going on.. Is it going to get the implant infected? I'm in tahoe..

Do I need to Go home and have it fixed.. Help please

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by: Anonymous

From a search that I did due to same problem:

Healing Abutment

In most cases, a small metal cap called a healing abutment will be screwed into the top of your dental implant at the time of surgery. If you have a healing abutment, it will be visible in your mouth. Its purpose is to shape the gum tissue into a more proper form for your permanent crown and to avoid any additional surgical procedures on the implant. Your healing abutment is temporary and will remain in your mouth only during the healing phase. Occasionally, healing abutments become loose. If you notice that the abutment becomes loose, or falls out, please call dentist immediately, to replace it.

Healing abutment fell out!
by: Anonymous

I have 5 implants on the upper. I had the healing abutments placed on the 8 Aug, one fell out just after 9 days. Went back to the dentist the very next day, she made a small cut with local anesthetic to place a new screw in.
This morning, 21 Aug another screw fell out! I am stressed!

To HS Vacation Kid
by: Anonymous

You are on HS trip and you are drinking? That's illegal.

Help NEW
by: Anonymous

Help I am on holiday, and the screw for my dental implant has fallen out! There is a great big hole in my mouth! I tried to screw it back in but it is very loose! Should I just take it out and leave the hole exposed until I can return to the dentist when I get home in a few days ? Or should I leave it loose in my mouth? I'm overseas and not to sure about the dentists in Africa!!!! Please help!!

healing cap NEW
by: help

my healing cap fell off and I can not see my doctor today his office is closed. will i still be available to eat of will it get infected. Do i really need a healing cap?

Healing abutment GS S553 got loose I cracked another tooth! NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a tooth pulled because of a bad root canal, an implant was just put in after the gum healed. I had the implant put in a couple of weeks ago, and today while I was eating, the healing abutment came out and while chewing I ended up cracking another tooth! What the hell?! I am a car mechanic and I know that any screw on moving parts or screws on parts eventually susceptible to friction need a method to secure it agains unscrewing! Any engineer knows that. It is basic hardware 101, HS shop class lesson, basic mechanic-level knowledge... How dentists don't know that! Is not like I'll loose a bumper on a freeway, but loosing a screw in a persons mouth should have had a bit of thought put into it... Today is Saturday night. I have a hole in my mouth and a molar cracked in half! My dentist will hear from me! On Tuesday when he opens! Anyone knows who makes this kind of abutment? the screw has markings S553 GS -- I want to contact them and research their methods, then write them a letter... Thanks

My healing abutment is coming out too NEW
by: Anonymous

I just emailed my overseas implantologist and he said it's okay if the abutment screw falls out, that the tissue will heal over it. I dunno.

by: Anonymous

This JUST happened to me!
I called the surgeon and he told me come in right away. He screwed in back in (which hurt a bit). He also told me that if i let it go for a few days the tissue would grow back and would result in another surgery.
I'm so happy i called him!

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