Screw that the periodontist put in just fell out !

I had an implant and have not gotten the overlay yet. The screw that the periodontist put in just fell out.

I called the dentist that will be putting the new tooth in and got an appointment one week from now. Will the implant be okay? Do I need to do anything special for the hole in my mouth? What about eating?

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Screw ?
by: Anonymous

By screw, are you referring to the implant itself, or the screw that holds the crown in place? What do you mean by the 'overlay'?

I recommend you make an emergency appointment with the doctor who placed the implant and not wait for a visit with the restoring doctor.

Mine too
by: jace

You need to get in touch with the team that put the implant in, they will assess you straight away and put in a larger diameter screw if possible but they might need to let the original hole heal first and possibly a bone graft.

Mine fell out just a couple of hours ago,, but the team that did it already explained all the possibilities first...

loose NEW
by: frankeinstien

My dental implantation screw has become very loose. What should I do to make it fit perfect to my teeth gum. I am feeling severe pain in my mouth and gums when I eat something. I tried contacting my doctor but he is out of station now.ICD 10 Coding

Moving Implant Replaced NEW
by: Anonymous

My dentist said I was "unlucky" very few implants fail after 4 months. I say luck had nothing to do with it. I blame the Dentist. Making the hole shallow, or using the wrong screw in a big man jar is poor judgement - yet they take no blame. Let's face it, there are good Dentist and there are poor ones. Further, an implant is there for life, pulling one out is a 2 hour blood bath, another hour putting in the new one - and stitches. This was the worst experience in my entire dental history. Lesson: Be real careful who you have working on your teeth all dentist are not the implant experts they sell themselves to be. I see implants from $400 to $1200 dollars. You would think that paying $1200 you would be getting the best there is, take it from me - not true.

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