Severe infection around two of the implants

Five years ago I went to a dentist in Budapest and had five implants to support an over denture.The denture does not have a full palette, it is in the shape of a horse shoe. Now I have a severe infection around two of the implants.

An x-ray shows that one of the implants is about to fall out. The dentist said that it is possibly only the bar that is holding it in. Dentists in Britain have told me that they cannot clear the infection because the bar is cemented in and they cannot get acsess to the area of infection. One dentist told me that he would have to cut up the bar bit by bit and I would have to go back to wearing normal dentures.

I have been regularly to the hygienest and have been told that I have not cleaned round the implants well enough. I have had antibiotics but there is still an infection there.
Should I go back to Budapest or can a dentist in Britain help ?

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Implant Infection NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

It should not matter where you go to receive treatment. I agree about cutting the bar out in pieces to remove the infected implants. My treatment of choice would be to remove the infected implants and place 2 more in a different area, then have a new bar and denture made. Implant overdentures are more convenient than normal dentures because the roof of the mouth is freed up and eating and speech is easier. A normal denture will require much more time to adjust to. The first priority is to get the infection out ,and antibiotics can't do that all by themselves. If you took antibiotics for an infected cut on your arm but the cut was never cleaned out it would continue to exist. This infection could become drug resistent and spread to other areas.

infection NEW
by: Airie

Hi, I had 1st stage implant in my lower left. After 2 weeks, the gum on top of the implant had an infection, the gum was sore, bled a little and had grown vertically almost as high as the tooth next to it. My dentist took an x-ray and said the infection didn't reach the implant yet, he gave me antiobiotics for a week. The sore subsided, but after a week, when the antibiotics are done, the sore came back and has grown back like before. Should the screw be removed? Or can this sore be healed? What are the causes of this?

Thank you

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