SEVERE pain above dental implant

by John

I have SEVERE pain above dental implant - tooth 10

Two weeks ago I had 6 implants with bone grafts put in. Three on the right side and 3 on the left (Teeth 10, 17 and 18 on left). The right side teeth have had no problem. However, my entire left side has been in constant agony. My surgeon removed implants 17 & 18 thinking that would solve the issue. It has not. For the last two nights I have been in agony. I have had pain on the upper left and the doctor checked to see if I needed a root canal on any of them and the tests were negative (Endodondist checked them).

Now I appear to have swelling above implant #10 about 1 inch above the implant adjacent to the base of my nose just below my left eye. My teeth on the upper left all hurt but the real pain seems to be coming from this swollen area.

I do not have a fever nor any bad taste in my mouth. My surgeon said the implant looks fine and did not break through to the sinus cavity.

Does this sound like I have an infection that could be treated by antibiotics or should the implant be removed?

PLease advise.



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Infection NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi John,

The only way to be for certain that the implant did not break through the sinus cavity is to have an MRI done. It may be very well that it broke through. If this is not the case then I would try the round of antibiotics to see if that helps. There could be a rare case that your body is trying to reject the bone graft, unless that has been there for months. Check with your regular MD as well to make sure you do not have a sinus infection, as that is often the cause of toothaches on the upper teeth.

Cause of Pain NEW
by: Anonymous

I had severe pain when an implant was placed in the no. 12 area. It had to be removed after 5 weeks of discomfort. The dentist told me that there was a problem with an adjacent tooth and recommended a root canal.
Another dentist told me that the root canal had failed and did not recommend trying to save the tooth. When he removed it there was a large apical cyst in the area. It is six weeks post surgery and the area is still tender.
I would suggest that maybe you have a cone beam ct or some good quality x-ray to determine if there might be something that was missed in adjacent tooth.

reply NEW
by: Sila

If you have such a severe pain above the dental implant, then don’t waste time to consult your dentist. I think you have to take an MRI scan to find the reason for the pain. That will be suggested by your dentist. So make it fast! ms outlook express

It MIght Be Loose!! NEW
by: Teri John

This could most probably be because of an uneven implant. Try consulting your senior living salt lake city doctor again and check if any of the implant is uneven. I have this same kind of pain after a week of my implant.

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