Severe pain first day after a normal dental extraction

Severe pain first day after a normal dental extraction :
This morning I got tooth no. 15 extracted because of a fairly large cavity that was not infected. (it was almost small enough to be a filling but was too close to the nerve and only hurt when I put pressure in the cavity(like accidentally biting into something full force on the tooth.) The wisdom tooth is very close behind the spot but not actually coming out yet.

The dentist gave me (dissolvable) stitches in the tooth when he finished and I'm not sure why. Now,about 9 hours later I am still experiencing pain only a little less worse than an abscessed tooth(worst experience of my life.) Naproxen and Vicaden only lessened the pain to a bearable level.

Areas of pain:
Entire left side of my mouth is extremely sore and can't open very far.There is also a throbbing achy pain that seems to be coming from around teeth no. 22 and 10 that have nothing wrong with them.
Behind the extracted tooth and right below it also hurts.

I also noticed right behind the extracted tooth is a milky white/gummy looking color and very swollen as if the wisdom tooth were actually coming through.

I have been doing the 30 minutes of ice on 30 minutes off but it didn't seem to do much but numb my cheek.

I'm also being super careful not to cause any pressure to the site or sinuses since I was warned that they were connected.

I have some ideas of what might be causing the pain. What I want to know is is this normal under these circumstances and what is most likely causing it?
(Eating ice cream and letting it sit on the site for a couple of seconds each bite helped a lot but I'm worried about the sugar.)

Anyone know what's going on?

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Pain After Extraction
by: Sharon B., RDH

Why would they extract a tooth that has no infection? Gum disease and decay are both examples of infection (decay = disease).

You could be experiencing symptoms of a dry socket. While these are not as common, make sure you're following all post operative instructions (including NO smoking or drinking from straws) as simple things may cause the blood clot to come out. The white that you see may be part of a medication that was packed after the extraction.

You had a surgical procedure as well as an injection in the area. You may want to rinse with warm salt water and take an ibuprophen because of it's antiinflamatory properties. The reduction in swelling may help the pain.

If you continue to have pain, call your dentist. If it is a dry socket they will be extremely painful for up to about 2 weeks.

help please NEW
by: Anonymous

I need answers. I had a tooth extracted two days ago and when I wake up my mouth hurts and is swollen but it seems to have gotten worse this morning I did like a retard start smoking again but I read as long as I waited at least eight hours and only took light puffs off my cigarette that I would be fine. But now that my pain is worsening I fear I may have dry socket. I looked at the extraction site and it looks to be fine it's not red anymore but it is cover in white which looks to me like it's healing but the pain is still getting worse please help

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