Severe Periodontitis

by Mike

I have severe periodontitis in my #31 molar and mild periodontitis in my lower gums. The pocket on the #31 molar is about 9mm, possibly 12mm, deep.

Is there any way to save this tooth or is extraction with a titanium implant the best and only option? The dentist will use a panorama scan of the mouth as opposed to a CBCT scan. Is there any additional risk factors in using this method to avoid nerves?

Also, what is the best way to reverse periodontitis in the gums via home-care (in addition to regular cleaning). Thank you.

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by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Go to a periodontist ,tell him to do a root canal treatment of that tooth, there might be some mobility left after the treatment, don't worry about it, just ask your dentist to tell you the best method of maintenance of periodontal tissues.

Over a period of six months you will get good results. Also get good curettage and root planning done on that tooth- ABOVE METHOD IS LAST METHOD OF SAVING YOUR TOOTH.

periodontitis/extraction/root canal?
by: Anonymous

Hello Dr. Durrani,

Thank you for the info. How does a root canal deter the periodontitis? With a loose #31 molar isn`t there risk that the rest of the teeth will become loose over time?

Thank you.

by: Anonymous

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