Should I hear a clicking sound when the parts of implant put together?

by Marina

I had a few implants installed about 4 month ago and today I was at the doctor's office to prepare for the crowns. Temporary covers were removed from the implants , the screws put in and the permanent part that goes after that was pushed in under the gums. During that procedure I heard a clicking sound in most of the implants, but one did not click.

Does it mean that it was not pushed hard enough? Should it click if it's installed properly? I am concerned that if it was not pushed far enough, it may weaken the implant and may break or may leak and cause infection in the future?

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Clicking Sound NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Marina,

It is possible that a different type of abutment was used on the other implant, where it did not click. You do not have to worry about decay or infection around the abutments of the implant because of the way they are made and no bodily structures are involved in that part. Just be sure to be aware of any odd feelings that you have if you are chewing...if it begins to feel loose be sure to follow up with your dentist. Otherwise it may have just been a perfect fit as it slid into place, or that other noises prevented you from hearing the click even though it actually did. Just be aware of how it feels and let him know if it changes.

Correction to my question NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you Dr. Sharon B., RDH
I am not sure that I put my question in right words, I re-wrote the question later using correct terms. The piece that did not click was an impression cap, and the impression was taken after that.
When I checked the implants web site, it states that the impression cap should be pushed until it clicks and to make sure that it's in place, dentist supposed to turn it after it clicks. I know that the system used does require that click, because doctor was trying to do that but was not able to get that click. He said, the implant was too deep in the gum, but I think he just pushed less strong on that particular implant. He also had problem with another tooth, but after more trying, it did make that click.
My concern is that if the impression cap was not pushed deep enough as it's supposed to be, the crown built on top will have a weaker support or not sealed, so it can break or have a gap that will trap the food.
I will appreciate if you reply again after my correction.
Thank you very much!

Clicking NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

I would not suspect any problem with the permanent crown that was impressed over the abutment, even if it had not clicked. The clicking would be the abutment into the implant, but the impression will still fit over it appropriately, I think. We are talking about such a tiny, tiny, tiny amount of change before the impression that I still think the permanent appliance will fit appropriately. If it does not, the dentist can adjust it as he checks the occlussion (bite) after it is permanently cemented onto the implant. That is standard protocol anyway, so it will be checked.

Reply NEW
by: Suil

It is just a small problem and it is not much serious. If you have felt a clicking sound, you just consult your dentist and he can definitely fix it. I think it can be fixed by adjusting the position of the implant with the abutment. So don’t worry about that. Rebecca Minkoff sale bags

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