Should the surgeon be responsible for the root canal cost?

by frustrated

This is the story of tooth #12: I shattered the entire root of #12 eating a piece of red licorice. It had already had a PFM on it and had a huge Post in it. So on 4/08/10 that was surgically extracted and the Dr. placed Bio Oss in the site, then sutured the site.

About 3 1/2 months later he placed a titanium implant in that site. At the time I told him that my gums were red since the bone graft. He said they looked fine. So then he placed a 3.5 x 8 in.

So I start getting nauseous around a month later. This kept on until I actually had the implant removed in Sept. 2011. Prior to removal of the implant the Bio Oss perforated a hole through through my gums a couple of months before the removal. Pieces would just come out, some times 2 at a time and you know how pokey those things are. So we removed the implant, scraped the bone socket area clean and let it heal for over 18 weeks.

Now we are into Feb. of this year. I just went back in and the Doctor place a 3.0 x 11 titanium implant in #12 area. When he was placing it I heard the ever so familiar crack of a root when he was half way through his procedure. I waited until he was done seeing as how the damage was already done. I then told him that I think he might have cracked the root tip of #11.

He had to place a thinner implant because #11 and #13 roots tilt toward each other so there was not much room in there for an implant. That's why he tried the shorter fatter one first.

Which brings me to today. I now have an abscess above #11 & #12. But hey conveniently the Bio Oss left me a nice little opening on the side of my gums. It never closed up so at least it can drain out.

Have you ever heard of this situation and should the surgeon be responsible for the root canal cost?


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Root Canal NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

I've not ever been aware of a case where an implant caused a neighboring tooth root to crack. If the previous tooth fractured from eating a soft piece of candy it seems like you may just have naturally weak teeth (some people do, unfortunately). If the tooth has an abscess there is most likely decay or something wrong around an old filling on the crown of the tooth. Unfortunately as fillings become older and larger, they naturally progress to root canals. Be sure to follow up with your dentist to identify any preexisting conditions on that tooth (based on clinical x-rays) and if there are he most likely told you about them before, and the delayed treatment resulted in your need for the root canal. This would not be his responsibility to cover.

implant follow up NEW
by: Frustrated

The #12 tooth broke because it two huge post in it and it also had a RCT. So it was a pretty compromised tooth. And the licorice was pretty hard (stale).

Well just went in for the RCT on #11, what a joy. And as he is cleaning the tooth out with his files. He hits the implant on 12 area. I told you they were close. (I will try and scan a film of the area so you can see it.)

Well he stops and they takes some films. The gutta purcha is touching the implant. So we will just have to wait and see. I am not going to get the permanent filling put in yet until I know the RCT worked.

by: Frustrated

Well I couldn't stand the pain anymore, even after the RCT on #11. So I had to go in and have the implant removed. I would have to say it was the most painful procedure I have ever had done in my entire dental career/life. The anesthetic wasn't working at all, probably because the infection was still present.

The Dr. first tried to tighten the healing abutment and that's when I almost jumped out of the chair. So he gave me more anesthetic and we waited. He came back and I could still feel it throbbing big time. So more anesthetic, then he backed out the implant. It came out very easy and attached to the implant about 4mm down from the top of the implant was a piece of my #11 root. The piece was about 1.5mm x 5mm and along with that was some pulp tissue:(

I went and took a film of that area and nothing was left in the site of #12. But now you can see that #11 needs to be finished because it is nowhere near the apex. But I am going to wait and see if it starts to hurt more. Really tired of getting palatals they suck big time.

So now I get to heal and extend my bridge into a possible 5-6 units. No more implants for me thank you very much.

frustrated EFDA, CDA

Seriously? NEW
by: Jordan Johnson

I can't imagine why the surgeon would be the one paying for the root canal. We use incentives to get people to go into dentistry because of the pay that they get. If there wasn't this incentive then people wouldn't have enough incentive to go into that difficult field.

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