shuold I ask my dentist for a spesific dental implant brand ?

by Mo.

I am about to receive a dental implant to restore a missing tooth and while researching it seems that there are so many implants. I was wandering if I should ask for one over the other .
I know Nobel Biocare implants are consider the best (or most popular and have no idea )
i don't have any problem to pay more i just want to make sure i am receiving the right treatment.
any info is welcome.
thanks - Mo.

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Types and Brands
by: BD

There are many different dental implant types, each one designed to meet specific patient needs; only after a thorough evaluation will your dentist recommend the best treatment option for you.

Of all the types of dental implants, the root-form titanium dental implant is the most common. This option is also known as an endosseous or endosteal implant, a name that stems from the fact that these tooth implants are placed directly in the bone. Root-form implants are made of the reliably strong and corrosion-resistant metal titanium, making these dental implants very similar in appearance to screws, nails, or cones.

Even thought most of the time the implant is chosen by the Doctor some of the top dental implant companies I would recommend getting your implants from would be Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra Tech, BioHorizons,3I or Zimmer.

by: Gary

You should ask your dentist who the implant manufacturer is and why your dentist chose that brand.

by: Anonymous

Yes check the implant brand.

I have been going to this Chicago Dentist, for years. My family and I are very happy with this dentist and his entire staff is great!. They also specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry. I never had to check the brand my dentist uses.

Chicago Doctor
by: Mandy

My family are regulars at this Chicago dentist
We continue to have the most pleasant experience each time.
Cosmetic dentistry is another area this dentist specializes in

Bad implant work
by: Anonymous

I had Nobel Biocare implants and have had a lot of trouble with them. The dentist took off with all my money, the implants are of the wrong prescription, and not fit for purpose. none of the major teaching hospitals use this brand as it has a bad reputation.

I was told Nobel Biocare has a 10yrs guarantee. No chance. Astra-Tech and a dental contract is what is needed. I do not beleive Nobel Biocare make a good implant other people agree with me. Do your research into implant manufactures before any work is started.

Nobel Biocare is a great brand and I recommend them NEW
by: Anonymous

My family members all have Nobel Biocare and all of us havent had a problem what so ever. I did my research and they were the pioneers and have the most research in the industry. I asked several specialists, Oral Surgeons and Periodontist here in Texas and they all recommended Nobel Biocare. You may pay more but you get what you pay for.

Strange business implant connections NEW
by: Anonymous

I had implants put in. Nobel Biocare, they had to
be removed. Also dentist cut my nerve with an
implant that now can not be removed. Dentist was
trained by Nobel Biocare, how can this be
ok, no disclosure that the dentist and the manufacturer are connected. Also some dental schools accept funds and how is that not a discloseable issue. The Biocare firm does not seem
to follow up with their students. Also forms have
to be signed that the patient understands the dentist is not Selling the implants, exactly what
type of business arrangement is this.
I would not have minded some of this, but I certainly would have expected it to be disclosed
incase I did have an issue with it. How can this
be legal?

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cost NEW
by: stanley

You must know some aspects before going for a dental implantation. First one is the cost of the implantation. Then comes the manufacturers of implant. Most of them use Swedish implants. Because it have some good success rates.Electronic Medical Record

by: Anonymous

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Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People....Same goes for Implants! NEW
by: Anonymous

I work in a dental lab in PA. 9 times out of 10 it is the doctor who places the implant that messes up and causes the implant issue not the implant itself. Go to e reputable doctor who specializes in implants not your general dentist who went to a seminar and learned in a week to get continuing education credit.

by: Anonymous

Ask the brand they use then do research. Instrumentation isn't interchangeable with most implants.

Yes ask to see what you are getting. NEW
by: Anonymous

Make sure that the implant company is know for their research and development. There are some cheap implants on the market that are mass produced and batch tested meaning that they look or test one out of 150 or 200. Also, a lot of companies have been bought out by larger corporations so they have stopped or slowed down their R&D. Also, make sure that they have a real company, not a distributor anyone can go to a foreign country and ask if they can launch an implant in the US. Make sure the reps actually work for the company. It takes a lot of money to launch an implant in the US. Google the company look and see if they are a large company. When Hiossen came to the US they spent 20 million and now they are a major player. Sweden and Martina is now making the jump and are spending a lot of money to do it right. Sweden and Martina went to Spain 6 years ago Nobel had the majority of the market. Now Straumann is #1 and Sweden and Martina is #2. Both of these implants are very good and are still independently owned. These are the only implant I would recommend to a friend or a family member.

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