Single implant flossing

Single implant flossing:
I got a single implant and recently had the crown cemented on the abutment. Food is getting stuck under the crown, between the gum and crown. I can floss it out, but the floss actually goes around the abutment. I can poke my finger nail onto the abutment.

Isn't the crown supposed to be very snug against the gum line and the abutment buried in there?

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Flossing Around An Implant
by: Sharon B., RDH

When flossing around an implant, you want the floss to go underneath the crown and against the abutment. Otherwise plaque and food debris would be left to harbor underneath the crown between it and the gums. This would cause gum disease and bad breath, and possibly lead to implant failure.

Even when flossing around normal teeth, you want the floss to slide underneath the gums up and down against the root surface of the tooth.

As far as how snug the crown is up against the gums, this is for your implant specialist to determine. Sticking objects underneath like a fingernail could cause your gums to recede resulting in an even larger space under the crown. Floss is thin enough and non invasive to be able to clean these areas without damaging the gums.

My abutment and crown not seated right
by: Anonymous

I would agree with you except that my crown was not made to taper to the abutment. Mine is completely flat across the top (at the gum line) and it not quite touching the gum. After seeing the oral surgeon to check this, it was confirmed it is not correct.

The implant rep agrees this crown must be cut off, a new abutment torched to the proper depth inserted into the implant, and a properly shaped crown will resolve my problem. After all this is done, I agree that I should be able to floss just under the gum line to remove any accumulation of food, but the accumulation will not be on a flat ledge, like it is now.

Thank you for your reply. I hope my experience will help others. Best advice is to fully understand how the implant should look and feel before allowing the dentist to permanently cement the crown onto the abutment.

Periapical xray
by: Anonymous

simple xray will give us all needed info to answer your question

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