Sinus Lift Video

Dental implant procedure video: Sinus lift

The following Animated dental implant procedure video shows a sinus augmentation (lift) using a MIS Implants - bone compression kit.

The surgery starts by creating a flap from the soft tissue which exposes the jaw bone at the site where the dental implant will be placed. Next - a small diameter drill (2 mm) is used to penetrate the hard bone all the way up to the top - but leaving a safe margin from the sinus on top.

Compression screws are then used in sequence to make a larger hole and compress the bone around the hole. This technique creates compact face surface for the implant to hold on too and give good initial stability and nigher success probability. During this time the bone is penetrated all the way and the sinus is reached from the inside without puncturing or causing any damage to it.

Next - dental bone graft material is injected into the hole and pressed in using a compression screw. This is done in sequence until the required height of the sinus is reached. During the next step the dental implant is placed using a wrench attached to the fixture mount.

Once the dental implant is in position the fixture mount is removed and a cover screw is placed on the implant. The site is then stitched up and the healing process now begins.

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