Smoke after dental implants

How soon can I smoke after dental implants?

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by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Smoking is contraindicated for implants ,they will fail ,stop the habit wait for at least 20 days

Give up smoking if you want your implants to work - Take it from me and Smoking
by: catharine UK

Please give up smoking if you want your implants to work....I have always smoked as an adult and as a result have messed up my teeth. In the summer I had 'all on 4' on my top teeth and when i've saved am going to do the same with my bottem teeth. I gave up smoking with champix. It is the best thing i've ever done. I can now smile, flirt, eat crunchy things and not worry about plates, dentures falling out.

Stopping smoking was soooo easy when I relised what a massive differance having nice teeth was. Good luck!It really is worth it!

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by: Rebelica

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by: Anonymous

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