Smoking After Dental Implant Surgery

by Jack
(San Francisco, CA, US)

My question regarding - Smoking After Dental Implant Surgery.
I had dental implant surgery done 10 days ago on two of my teeth. Right now they have just placed the artificial roots in my gums and I have stitches.

I have read that you should not smoke cigarettes for the first two weeks, but does weed apply?

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Implants and Smoking...
by: Anonymous

Anything you have to inhale should be avoided, they aren't going to tell you to stop smoking weed because the presumption is you aren't doing anything illegal. The inhaling can cause your gums to dry out, which is what they are trying to prevent, they don't want any clots to become dried out and painful.

With a pulled tooth, smoking (anything) can cause the socket to dry up. When the clot dries up it could cause immense pain and you have to be seen by the doctor again. Interesting article related to dental implants and marijuana.

The expertise of substance abuse counselors is an indispensable aspect of the whole addiction treatment process.

Good Luck

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quit smoking NEW
by: Gerald

According to my personal experience it is not good to continue smoking after the dental implant surgery. It can make the condition worse and will affect the strength of the implanted teeth. So please quit smoking.
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Smoking After Dental Implant Surgery NEW
by: Brabham

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Smoking After Dental Implant Surgery NEW
by: essayheaven experts

Very good question. It would be better if you would shared your doctor's answer. My doctor said the same things. He said to quiet smoking or stop smoking for at least one week before implant surgical placement.

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