Smoking? Help!

I had my dental implant surgery four months ago. The dentist told me i was all healed and placed a permanent teeth on. A few days later I smoked once, however I am not a smoker and don't plan on smoking again. Should I be concerned of implant failure after smoking just once after healing?

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You're not a smoker
by: oscar w

You won't have any problem if you only had one or 2 smokes after the healing process.
I'm a smoker and wish you take my advise and not smoke again, (it's not worth it) and a hard habit to break.
Good luck and take care.

by: Anonymous

I have had 1 dental implant at top right 3 days ago - I only want to have 1 cigarrette is it ok?
or will it affect the healing?

swollen gland after implants NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I had 15 implants and a sinus lift but for the past 2 months have had a swollen gland under the jaw on 1 side with slight discomfort in the ear on that side
I went to the doctors and he gave me penicillin for 2 weeks i have to go back next week but I wondered if the implants have caused this I have not yet completed the course of penicillin but the gland is still swollen

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