Something different in my front teeth

by linda
(trenton, nj)

I have noticed something different in my front teeth lately - when I use my front teeth to bite into any type of food one of them begins to hurt, but it's not loose.
I have never felt anything like this before - what does this mean?

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Pain Related to Pressure
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Linda,

The pain and discomfort related to pressure could be a few different things. My first suspicion would be that the tooth is developing a periapical (around the root tip) infection or abscess which would cause the tooth to hurt when any pressure is applied to it, as with chewing. Treatment for this condition would be antibiotics and a root canal.

Another factor could be that the tooth had some type of trauma and the ligaments around the tooth root are sore or bruised. This can take a couple of weeks to recover from, unless the cause continues (as if a tooth on the opposite arch had some change and caused the teeth to bite together differently.)

Lastly, many times people experience tooth pain when they have sinus infections or allergies. The nasal sinuses rest near the root of the teeth. Make sure you have these kind of conditions under control.

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