Soreness of the gum above the two front teeth

by Michael Tyas
(London UK)

I had four implants done in my upper jaw which support eight teeth. The two front teeth are bridged to an implant either side of them, but there seems to be a gap above the teeth and below the gum where slight amounts of food and drink get through and also air can be sucked through the small gap.

The dentist said the gum should grow over the small gap, but it is nine weeks since the work was completed and the gum above the two front teeth is very sore. I had two bone grafts in that area and since that time I have also been having sinus and nasal problems, but the main problem is the soreness of the gum above the two front teeth.

Can you help?

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Space Between Implant Crowns and Gums
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Michael,

Make sure you are keeping this area very clean by flossing it each day. Even though there is not food there, the gum tissue can get gingivitis if a small amount of plaque or food is left each day. This gingivitis causes redness and irritation and can take 2 weeks to reverse. As far as the gums growing up and filling in that area, I am not familiar with that happening. Your implant specialist may be able to help adjust the crowns to fit better agains the gums, or offer a gum graft to fill in the area.

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