Standard healing Time

by Leonard Levine
(New Orleans, LA, Orleans)

I have had 14 implants, the latest of which has been performed a month ago. The standard healing time - prior to installing a crown - is always six months. But since no two people heal at the same rate, is it possible to monitor the healing process(by X-rays or other methods) to cut down that time?

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Healing time of dental implants
by: Anonymous

Hi Leonard
Healing time of dental implants varies from one individual to another. The main factor for the healing is actually the "osseointegration" or the bonding between the titanium implant and the bone.
Once the bond is strong enough the implant can be loaded and a tooth can be placed on top of the implant. If an implant is loaded prematurely (before the implant integrated with the bone) there is a higher risk of the implant failing and resulting in the failure of the whole procedure.

There are a few ways to evaluate the strength or the integration between the implant and the bone Ie- to try and "unscrew" the implant at a certain torque.

My suggestion - Be patient in this case - time is key!!!!

Good luck

Implant healing is different
by: dr farhan durrani

Implant healing is different in all humans! A general statement would be :
3 months healing time for implants placed in the mandible(lower jaw)
And 6 months for the maxilla (upper jaw).
There is no full proof method till now to tell the time of healing - it is all an estimate according to bone types.
Yes you can take x-rays to see the bone surrounding an implant and try to evaluate if it has integrated.
But think positive they generally integrate in 3 ? 6 months .

So...if I went to my dentist...
by: Anonymous

and asked him after, say, 4 1/2 months, to test the bond by attempting to unscrew the implant, that would give us the answer, right?

by: Anonymous

Yes !
That can be done - but I'm not sure your dentist uses this method. Ask him.

Reconstruction process can begin
by: Donald Stuart

Your implants have been placed in stages. Depending on the locstions of the earlier placed implants the reconstruction process can begin on the healed implants by placing abutments and fabricating a provisional bridge, by-passing(or going over) the later placed implants. Which means your functioning with fixed teeth and out of your denture. Just go easy and be aware of your eating habits.

pain NEW
by: adam

I have twelve implants and I can feel the pain still in my mouth. And that pain is transferring to every part of my body. I do not know when this will heal. I can’t handle anymore of this pain.Meaningful Use Attestation

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