Straumann Bone Level

Bone Level Implant and Cross Fit Connection

Bone Level Implant and Cross Fit Connection

Straumanns Bone Level is a fairly new implant which has proven design elements with innovative concepts which helps to achieve predictable highly esthetic results. One of the important key factors with this implant is that it aids in soft tissue shaping and maintenance which enables in achieving the best aesthetic results for the patient and the Dr. Not only is this implant extremely simple and reliable it takes into account of biological key factors for bone preservation. It also includes Straumanns New Cross-Fit connection. This connection inside the implant is a great solution when it comes to implants because it guides the abutment precisely into the correct position and enables the user literally to "feel the fit." In addition to offering a variety of four positions, the CrossFit? Connection safeguards against abutment rotation and has been specifically designed for ceramic as well as titanium abutments.

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innovative NEW
by: john

The bone level implant and the Cross-fit connection is a nice implantation technique. The innovative concepts behind this implantation strategy are so unique from the other types. The specially designed implantation is becoming famous throughout the world of implantation.Telesteps Telescoping Ladder

bone level NEW
by: John H. Ashton

Staumann you have such a lovely set of teeth and they are very shiny. I understand your problem and you can find the theoretical solution from Dental implants are good but there needs to be some precautions taken while having them implanted. So, know all the terms before opting for such implants to ensure your teeth will always be shiny and white.

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