stretchy white thing

by Gary
(Littleton, Colorado, USA)

I got Implant surgery about a month ago, and during the procedure the remaining teeth I had were pulled. Where one of my back molars was pulled there was a piece of bone sticking out. When I pulled the little bone fragment out connected to it was a white stretchy thing.

I have no idea what it is, and I haven't pulled it out. However, on the side where the stretchy thing is, under my jaw is a knot. Help?

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by: Anonymous

Gary - get to the dentist ASAP !

Go to oral and maxillofacial surgeon
by: dr farhan durrani

Please go to oral and maxillofacial surgeon immediately, if the pulled lesion is paining when pulled ,if no problem then leave it ,or just post the picture because it is tough to tell what it is - by your desciption

stretchy white thing
by: Dr. Victor Teran

Do not wait, You need to go back to your dentist, they are going to take periapical & panoramic x-ray, labs, examination and very sure a small surgery to treat you.

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