Sustained nerve pain

by Charles

Over the past 2 years I have had 4 molars placed in my lower jaw and am in the process of finishing up 8 dental implants in the maxilla, 4 on each side. The implants are in the 11,12,13,14, and 6,5, 4,3. I am 2 weeks into the healing process with the maxillary implants.

I have been told by multiple medical professionals that I heal exceptionally fast and have had minimal problems. I seem to be having an issue with a maxillary nerve. The implant placed next to 10 seems to be causing sustained nerve pain in and around 10 when irritated. 10 is root canaled and capped, so there is no tooth nerve to irritate, but when it flairs, it feels as if I am suffering from an abscess of that tooth. The pain is brought on by minimal chewing with my partial in place.

I generally quite it down with 2 Aleve in about 1/2 hour.
My 2 questions are:

1.) Is the above described nerve pain a common issue?

2.) Does this issue resovle itself with additional healing?

I forgot to mention that I had sinus lifts on both side with at least 6 months of healing before the implants were placed. I am just finishing a cycle of antibiotics and prednisone.

Thanking you in advance for your answers.

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tooth pain NEW
by: David

could be an incomplete root canal or residule infection. Needs x-ray to know for sure

Tooth Pain NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Charles,

It is very common to have referred tooth pain. A tooth may experience symptoms when we know it can't (i.e. root canal) that is actually coming from the adjacent tooth. As previously mentioned it could be an incomplete root canal, but I am doubtful about that. Because you say you feel the sensation when you are biting down and applying pressure, it may be due to the length of the implant at #11. Only an x-ray or MRI will be able to show if it is too close to the nasal cavity or other nerve area, thus causing sensitivity when you apply pressure. It could also be that you may need the crown adjusted so that it does not sit as high and have too much pressure applied to it when you bite down. Have your implant specialist check your bite and take an x-ray of the root. If after an adjustment symptoms continue to persist, you may want to have an MRI done at an oral surgeon's office.

Thanks Sharon NEW
by: Charles

Your advice was spot on. Thank you

nice NEW
by: Patrick

If you were experiencing a lot of pain, I would seriously re consider on seeking the help of a doctor as soon as possible. Such pains related to the molar and face region causes immense nausea, dizziness or head spins. Beverly Diamonds Reviews

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