Swelling on gums during root canal

Swelling on gums during root canal:

I was doing root canal for my lower right side tooth. In between suddenly my lower gums/cheak started swelling and now more than 2 months later it is not going away, what could be the reason?

The dentest is just addressing the problem by putting cotton and now says that she needs to check if any food particle has gone inside that area? I am worried and do not understand what to do.
Please guide. MV

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Swelling Near Root Canal
by: Sharon B., RDH


There could be a possible infection (from food or bacteria) in the gum tissue near the tooth that just had the root canal. If the swelling has draining pus, there may be residual infection that the root canal did not treat, or an adjacent tooth could be suffering from a tooth abscess. There could also be a possibility that during the injection something could have hit a blood vessel that caused it to swell more. If there is discoloration or drainage, you may want to seek a 2nd opinion if your dentist isn't able to address it.

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