Swelling on side of implant a year later

by Kim
(Rhode Island)

I had an implant put in to replace a back tooth over a year ago. It was without any complications. For many months I have been experiencing swelling on that one side, a minor pressure feeling is constant.

I have been to an allergist, immunologist, dermatologist, and primary doctor to come up with some answers. I have also had many reactions out of the blue with facial welting, swelling and they all agree to start back with the dentist.

Anybody have these issues?

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Response to your comments.
by: Erin

Hi Kim,

I've had the same problems. I've been to dentists, ENT's and GP's.

You might want to research biological dentistry. Biological dentists will test you for a product that is most compatible to you and one that will have the least influence on your immune system.

To read about biological dentistry, you can check this website:


Here's my story:

In 2004, I had 3 dental implants placed. Not longer after having the surgery, I felt run down, tired and had flu like symptoms. As time passed, I started getting shooting pains where the implants were (into my nose, up into my sinuses and to the back of my head); my gums were bleeding from where the implants were placed and the titanium starting showing through my gum tissue. I went to various doctors, dental surgeons; none could tell me what was wrong..other than keep on flossing. My mouth has always been in excellent health. Only after having those dental implants placed, my health deteriorated.

Finally I found a holistic dentist in 2008 who practiced biological dentistry. He took them out. The implants corroded in my jaw and because I couldn't get up high enough to clean the area; bacteria set in.

I ended up re-locating after having the implants taken out; so I saw another dental implant specialist as a follow up; who advised me that crowns and rods were the wrong shape and size to begin with, making it impossible for me to keep the area clean.

Some of my symptoms have calmed down, but I still get sinus infections, flu like systems, swelling to one side of my face.

If you know anyone that has found alternative solution for boosting their immune system and fighting infections or if they ended up having bone grafts to fill the gaps where they had them taken out; I would like to hear from them or yourself.

I can be e-mailed here:


I wish you well,

Third implant Being Removed tomorrow NEW
by: Mindy

I have had three implants put in my mouth over the course of 15 years, two are more recent. The oral surgeon finally put a smaller healing cap on, cause for some reason he used one which was impinging on the muscle in my face.

It's been throbbing, and causing headaches, and pain. I've been trying to find images of ex-rays to see if the titanium post is too big for my mouth.

He was able to put a smaller healing cap on a few days ago, but the gum is still throbbing. It's a top molar. My ENT had a sinus exray done just for confirmation nothing was being over-looked.

Can the post be too big, or too close to a sinus cavity? Why does the gum throb. He says there is not an infection, but I'm feeling less confident.

Any words of advise would be appreciated.

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