Swelling when abutment and then crown was placed

I had implants placed six months ago. I just had the implants exposed, and the abutments placed. Then a temporary bridge was placed. I have a bump or you might call it a bulge, that is hard, and sore to the touch on the upper inside of my mouth, that is flesh colored, and does not look inflamed.

I just flew home from my dental appointment. I use a dentist in another city. He just prescribed antibotics in case it is an infection. It is not responding to the antibiotics. Could this be caused because the temporary bridge is too tight, in that area?
If not, what else could cause it?
Am I in jeopardy of losing the implant?

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Hard Spot in Mouth
by: Sharon B., RDH

What you're describing does not sound like an infection. It sounds like it could be a fibrous lesion of some sort, which could possibly even be a salivary gland that is blocked. It also sounds like a tori/torus, but those are not tender to the touch. Have your dentist take an x-ray to make sure there is not a cyst of some sort forming. It could just very well be tender because it has recently come up but has not adjusted to stimulants (food/tongue/etc) yet.

It's also possible that you have some cement under the gums that needs to be removed.

Get Xray
by: dr farhan durrani

Please get an Xray done and post it here - we will try and help -LOOKS LIKE AN INFECTION

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