Tasting puss.

by Greg

I've had my implant for approximately 2 years now. I've just recently noticed some tenderness (not discomfort) at the gum site only when I press on it. I've also very recently have been tasting a bit of puss on occasion. it's not "leaking" from anywhere just faintly notice the taste of it in my mouth.

Today after brushing my teeth I was trying to figure out what could be wrong and noticed that the crown that's attached to the abutment is a bit loose. It's still holding on but will need re-adhered. The entire assembly as a whole is not loose but this puss taste has got me extremely worried that something serious could be wrong with it.

I have not/do not smoke and am a very healthy person. What do you think the puss taste would be coming from?

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by: Anonymous

You need to return to the dentist who restored the implant for an assessment.

The word is PUS
by: Anonymous

The word is pus. You may not be tasting pus but decaying food particles that are in the space. You need to go have someone look at it either way, it may be an infection or it may just be loose.

Tasting pus
by: Anonymous

I had this happen in an upper canine implant. I was tasting something horrible, and if I gently pressed the gum above the implant, I would see a tiny amount of yellowish fluid oozing around the crown of the tooth. It turned out to be an abcess in the gum. My dentist told me he assumes this formed after a piece of dental cement (used to anchor the crown to the abutment)came loose while I was flossing round the implant, got stuck in the gum line and caused an infection to set up. This can also happen with small seeds, the kind you get in some breads etc.

YOU NEED to get this seen immediately - the infection can spread to the bone and you will have to get the implant removed and perhaps not be able to get another one.

And what happened then? NEW
by: Anonymous

Did the dentist manage to help you?

nice NEW
by: Materica

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