Technician Cannot Get My Teeth Right!

by Sharon
(Brisbane Australia)

The Technician Cannot Get My Teeth Right!

Hi I had 1 implant for two teeth, one front and the side - I had a mold taken for the plate to be made once my teeth were extracted. Only one mold was made and now the technician is having difficulty making my new teeth, he just can't seem to get them right at all! Is this normal?

I complained to my dentist ( who was away at the time) that I felt part of the procedure was not done ( i.e. two molds should have been made before my teeth were extracted, one for the plate to be made and one for my teeth to be made by the technician) who is right the dentist or myself?

I am finding the outcome of this procedure very frustrating when I was told all along that my new implants would be perfect and stronger than my normal teeth, it just seems to be going on and on - how long does it normally take a technician to make good fitting teeth?

thank you

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by: Anonymous

I had the same problem ,in the end I settled ,The top of my tooth has a small gap and I have to slide the floss over the top of my implants.They are still not right I have an over cross,and one of them is bigger thn the other,I am hoping in time this will rectify itself I am hoping the gum will grow over them.
I am very dissapionted .
In the end after many moulds taken I saettled for them I was fed up of going back week after week

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