Temp tooth after extraction

by anonymous

Temp tooth after extraction:

I went to an endodontist and got an extraction done. He did the bone graft and put in a membrane or something like that, then put the temp tooth on the same day of my oral surgery. but he said he will put my implants in a few months because I have to heal first.

My question is, should he have waited until I heal first then put the temp tooth a few days/week after? I wouldn't have mind being toothless for a while as long as I'm healed properly. I still feel a little discomfort and a little in pain and it's been almost a week now - but I trust everything he does.

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Temporary after Extraction
by: Sharon B., RDH

It's still very early on in your healing process before you should be concerned with any irritation. Normal healing time can take up to 2 weeks before any tenderness goes away. As long as you are properly following your home care instructions (i.e. avoiding tobacco products, not using straws, proper cleansing techniques) then it sounds like your healing is right on track.

As far as a temporary I'm not quite sure I understand what it is he placed in your mouth. I'm going to assume you mean a pontic tooth that is attached to an adjacent tooth in order to fill the space of where the tooth was extracted, for cosmetic purposes? As long as you are cleaning around it properly, you should not have any problems in regards to healing. If you continue to have problems after another 2 or 3 weeks, see him for a follow up to have the temporary adjusted from rubbing against your gums, if that is what it is doing. In the meantime, a warm salt water rinse can be helpful.

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by: Sam

I think the doctor has done the exact procedure by doing the oral surgery. Within two to three weeks you will be completely healed. You just give proper care for your mouth and thus you are able to reduce the pain. Take care! mozzarella cheese recipe

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by: umbin

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