Temporary denture after implants

by george
(L.I., ny)

Temporary denture after implants:

I had 6 extractions (remaining bottom teeth) and 4 implants 4 weeks ago. I was out of work during this time period. The Dr. says healing is good & provided me with temp denture (which I HATE). Looks & feels terrible, always loose. only cosmetic, not functional.

Is there any special Dr. who can provide at least better fitting temporary denture? I almost don't want to wear it, but have a high profile job and need it.

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If the stability of implant is good ,please request you dentist to load the implants, but dentist is the boss ,you got to follow the decision,if it is otherwise

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by: cax

If you feel that the temporary denture is loose fit, you better consult with your dentist and discuss with him about the difficulties that you are facing. I think, he may have foreseen something and that would be the reason why he gave you lose fit denture. Electronic Medical Records

by: Anonymous

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