Thai Boxing And Dental Implants

by Rob

I knocked my 4 front teeth out after falling off a bike and I now have dental implants. I've had them for about 10-11 months now. I do Thai boxing and MMA and want to know how likely it is that my implants could get kicked out, and other possible effects/ problems I could encounter (i will be fighting at 70kg(lightweight)-77kg (welterweight) at most if this is any help

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by: Sam

Hi Rob it's all a matter of - How good your defense is in Thai boxing! - Just kidding !!

Your dental implants with the crowns on them should function like any other tooth once the implant has connected properly to the bone(osseointegrated).

This process may take around 9-12 months from the day the implants were placed in your jaw-bone. Your implant teeth face the same risks as any other natural tooth in your mouth while doing that extreme sport.

Be careful !
Good defense !
And I wish you all the health.

Full Dentures fixed with implants doing MMA
by: Anonymous

I too have dental implants and full denture top/bottom and teach and train MMA. I am concerned that a hard strike will damage the bone in my upper sinus area. I have had them for about 3 years and have full dentures for 30 years.

I have the abutment type which you can remove the full denture to clean so there is movement.

I want to get them fixed now is this advisable

My dentist says that it can break the jawbone
by: Yeruham

Hi, I notice that you posted in April but still have no answer. I am not surprised. When I was considering implants I asked a similar question on an "all-on-4" site, mostly populated by dentists. I didn't get an answer either. Forgive my cynicism but maybe they don't want to hurt their business. I decided to go ahead with implants, but not "all-on-4", too quick and flashy.

My dentist works slowly and carefully, with 7 implants in each jaw for my particular case. He say the artificial tooth is stronger than the jaw. So a good punch to the mouth might break the jawbone. I am now on temporary, plastic teeth, waiting for the implants to fully integrate with the jawbones. We are looking for an alternative to porcelain. Something just a little weaker than the jawbone. Otherwise I'll just get the best possible mouth-guard and take my risks. I am too crazy for martial art to quit.

Documentary NEW
by: Ellie


I read with interest about your situation; I'm working on a documentary series at the moment and we're looking to chat to people in your situation; I wondered if you'd be free for a quick chat?

Kindest Regards,

0207 290 0660 (extension 214)

Injury NEW
by: Nixon

Dental injury is common for the people who are professional boxer or wrestler. In my opinion it is not good to continue fighting carrier after the dental implant. It can cause severe damage to the roots and canal of the teeth. Nix : Beverly Diamonds

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